Organizational Structure






There are six (6) identified One-Stop Shops (OSS) for Seafarers across the Philippines that have the authority to conduct crew changes within the national border amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Their establishment is in accordance with Inter-Agency Task Force (IATF) Resolution No. 53 and National Task Force (NTF) Order No. 2020-03.





DOTr-Management of Returning Overseas Filipinos (DOTr-MROF)

  • Provides strategic leadership and policy guidance
  • Ensures policy, operational and administrative support for the smooth operations of the Crew Change Hubs


One-Stop Shop (OSS) Head

  • Performs oversight of the whole OSS operations across the country
  • Maintains overall database
  • Ensures inter-agency coordination and organizes regular meetings as necessary
  • Submits reports to DOTr-MROF


Local OSS

  • Performs operational control in their areas of responsibility
  • Ensures consistent inter-agency coordination
  • Submits reports to OSS Head
  • Organizes the Secretariat


OSS Secretariat

  • Schedules regular meetings
  • Prepares daily reports and documentations
  • Maintains a Command Center for real-time coordination
  • Maintains a database
  • Prepares a centralized hotline for crew change operations


Regional Task Force and Local Government Units

  • Conduct inter-agency coordination
  • Provide policy recommendations and administrative support


Port Operations

  • Schedules ship arrivals and departures
  • Receives Notice of Arrival and submit to the secretariat for dissemination
  • Coordinates crew transfer vessels
  • Ensures provisions for gang way, rope, luggage and facility disinfection
  • Ensures facility and equipment availability and maintenance
  • Provides utilities
  • Provides vehicle parking
  • Maintains perimeter and port terminal security
  • Coordinates for disposal of hazardous materials


Customs, Immigration and Quarantine Authorities (BOC, BI and BOQ)

  • Ensure availability of CIQ officers based on the scheduled arrivals and departures provided by the local OSS
  • Ensure strict compliance with CIQ procedures/entry and exit requirements of seafarers based on national policies and health protocols amid COVID-19
  • Conduct inter-agency coordination
  • Ensure proper coordination with the seafarer, LMA, and OSS on the CIQ procedures
  • Ensure implementation of standard health protocols in the conduct of CIQ procedures
  • Provide ambulance and medical personnel for isolation and/or extraction of seafarers
  • Ensure smooth implementation of Philippine Green Lane for seafarers


COVID-19 Testing Providers and Laboratories

  • Ensure smooth conduct of the whole RT-PCR test process including automated passenger data encoding, data verification, swabbing and databasing
  • Ensure the proper handling, timely transport and submission of test specimens to the designated laboratories
  • Ensure the availability of swab test kits, PPEs, forms, barcodes and other requirement for the OSS operations
  • Ensure the accessibility of internet, computer hardware, and database access to the RT-PCR service
  • Provide and all other requirements of the automated OSS system
  • Submits daily operations report to the Secretariat


Facility-based Quarantine Providers

  • Ensure pre-designated quarantine facility and rooms prior to arrival of seafarers
  • Ensure 100% compliance of disembarking seafarers to the facility-based quarantine protocols


Seafarers Affairs (OWWA/MARINA/DFA)

  • Facilitate issuance of documentary requirements of seafarers
  • Ensure compliance of LMAs with the crew change protocols and LGU requirements
  • Ensure that the basic needs of the seafarers are fulfilled by the LMAs
  • Liaise with the LMAs on any announcements, concerns and inquiries
  • Elevate any concerns or special requests of seafarers or LMAs to the Secretariat for assessment of the OSS


Service Support (PCG)

  • Provides K9 service for security paneling of luggage, vehicles and other operations related requirements
  • Ensures availability of standby ambulance
  • Provides support requirements such as docking lineman, baggage handling, ship boarding inspectors and sail clearance as necessary
  • Provides security to vehicle movements, quarantine facilities and other security requirements
  • Provides for the transportation, accommodation and meals requirements of all PCG personnel involved in the OSS operations